Technical Solutions

We use the latest innovative technologies and engineering know-how to dramatically reduce our clients' energy costs and environmental footprint. Our solutions also often result in additional benefits for our clients such as enhanced customer experience, better production efficiencies or reduced maintenance costs.

While we use a range of trusted OEM and contracting partners we are technology agnostic so develop our solutions around your needs and not any particular products. Our solutions may include some or all of the following measures:

  • Optmisation of Chiller and Boiler Operations.

  • Efficient Lighting.

  • Photovoltaic & Thermal Solar solutions.

  • Heat pumps to reduce cooling loads and provide energy for water heating etc.

  • Variable Speed Drive solutions.

  • Absorption Chillers to utilise excess heat on site.

  • Buidling envelope improvements.

  • Building Management System (BMS) strategy re-design.

  • Energy Management System (EMS) to accurately monitor and track consumption.

  • Water treatment and re-cycling for washdown or cooling tower make up.

  • Waste to Energy Processes.