Our Process

Connected Energy offers a range of services across four main stages in the overall process. This approach enables us to develop an understanding of our clients' operations and priorities and our clients to get a sense of the options available and how they can be tailored to suit their specific requirements. It also facilitates more informed decision-making and budget management for the client by establishing a natural set of stage-gates.

The key stages are outlined below:

Opportunity Assessment

An Opportunity Assessment (OA) provides a client with a basic understanding of the energy performance of their building and some guidelines as to what the opportunities are to save energy.

The OA normally requires one of our engineers attend site for a day, to examine the major plant equipment installed.

We further examine energy bills off-site and then prepare an energy saving style Business Case in presentation format.

We normally present this OA on-site to the clients management team.

Investment Grade Audit

An Investment Grade Audit (IGA) is a more detailed assessment which builds on the findings of the OA. The IGA provide a comprehensive understanding of the energy consumption of the site and how operations impact energy usage.

The proposed Energy Conservation Measures are investigated fully to provide detailed Costs Savings for the business, including detailed Implementation Costs.

Output from the analysis is used to develop a Financing and Implementation plan.

This document meets EU Energy Efficiency Directive SI 426 or ESOS specification.


Connected Energy are a Certified Project Developer under the Investor Confidence Project have the in-house skills and the necessary contracting resources to design and implement a wide range of energy conservation measures.

Our experience in delivering effective, targeted solutions for energy reduction positions us as one of the leading Energy Services Companies.

We follow the protocols and templates set out in the Investor Confidence Project methodology. Our aim is to provide a level of confidence and transparency in the entire Energy Conservation Project.

Our methodology generally entails:

  • Energy Audits to determine possible Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)
  • Detailed design of ECMs into clients facility
  • Operational Performance Verification (OPV) of implmented measures
  • Training of Clients personnel
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Assistance in maintenance requirements

Operation and Maintenance

Once a project is complete, it is important to ensure the savings are maintained.

We provide ongoing monitoring of systems that have been installed and energy performance.

If necessary we make adjustments to the Building / Energy Management Systems to accommodate changes by the client in their operations.