Costs and Financing

Typically, when we agree to work with a Client we carry out the initial Opportunity Assessment at no charge. If the Client decides to proceed with a more detailed Investment Grade Audit (IGA) we will agree a charge depending on the scope and extent of the work that will entail. SEAI also offer grant support of business case development, which we can assist with and covers 50% of the assessment costs up to a limit of € 7,500.

For the Project Implementation Phase, Clients have the option of contracting Connected Energy to Implement the Energy Efficiency Project as either a Capital Project or alternatively under an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) structure where the capital costs are financed and the energy savings are used to payback the project costs.

When implementing a project under a Energy Performance Contract, our compensation is directly linked to the actual energy cost savings. In this way we have a vested interest in the success of the project, thus transferring both Project Risk and Financial Risk away from the Client.

To facilitate this approach we can structure the project so as to avail of third party project finance funds.

Connected Energy is accredited under the European Investor Confidence Project and can aid our customers in securing funding for these types of energy efficiency projects.

Overall, between the grant availability and adopting a performance-based contracting approach, it is often possible to carry out the entire Energy Efficiency project at almost no direct cost to the Client.